Answers of VoIP communications expert Olga Saiko

  GSM termination videos (for advanced)
  Dec 14, 2015
VoIP communications expert Olga Saiko answered the questions about GSM Termination field. She told the secrets how to avoid SIM blocking How to redirect SIM Cards How to start GSM business What makes Antrax different What is a goal of GSM termination And also how to make investment and business plan. You make business plan with a help of Antrax Before making your dreams to come true and becoming a successful terminator, every person has to go through all the stages of business development. One of the principal stages is the execution of business plan. Every document has its own structure and is divided into chapters. But before the plan realization, you should study out the aims and intentions regarding the projected activity. If this question is already called terminators. They are the «storm» for the monopolists of the mobile market and an excellent alternative for transit operators Naturally, your future business plan must pay back such basic expenses as: - Equipment purchase; - Purchase and recharge of SIM cards; - Internet and electricity supply expenses; - Professional staff (if necessary); And of course, you have to keep in mind that the correctly made business plan is not only the key for the heart of investor, but also a guarantee that your business will be developing successfully.
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